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Whartonize Guide: Other Mobile Devices


Configuring Your Other Mobile Device

Windows Mobile: If you have a Windows Mobile Device, please see our Configuring Your Windows Mobile Device instructions for configuring your email, contacts, and calendar. With a Window's Mobile Device, you can connect to AirPennNet-Guest, Penn's guest wireless network. It is not yet compatible with AirPennNet, Penn's main wireless network. See our instructions for connecting to AirPennNet-Guest

Blackberry: For AirPennNet wireless network configuring for Blackberry devices, please see AirPennNet configuration for Blackberry 10

If your device was not listed on the previous pages or you are having trouble configuring your device, please contact Wharton Student Computing for further assistance:

  • Visit: 114 SH-DH
  • Call: 215.898.8600
  • Email: support@wharton.upenn.edu
  • Chat: Click on the chat icon at the top of this page.




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