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Whartonize Guide: On-Campus Technology

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On-Campus Technology Intro

Wharton Computing labs, public computers, and printers are open to Wharton faculty, students, and staff. University students who have a current Penn ID card and are registered for a Wharton class can take advantage of these offerings. Keep your Penn card with you at all times -- as you will need it to print and for entrance into the Wharton buildings after hours.

SPIKE mobile and the LCD screens in Huntsman Hall show current availability of public computers.

Logging In and Out of Public Computers

Logging In: Press CRTL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard and enter your PennKey username and password.

Logging Out: Always make sure you log out. You can do this by:

  • pressing the CRTL-ALT-DEL keys simultaneously and clicking Log Off, OR
  • choosing Log Off from the Start menu.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you wait until you are completely logged off the computer before leaving. If you have unsaved documents or if a program freezes, it may not log out completely, leaving your email and printing account vulnerable. You are legally and financially responsible for any activity on your account.

Hours of Operation

Jon M. Huntsman Hall is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so the public technology is accessible during those times. Holiday and Summer hours will be announced. There may be times when one or more labs are closed for instructional use, but there will always be one lab available for student use.




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Huntsman Hall Computing Labs

We have four labs for individual or online classroom use in Jon M. Huntsman Hall of different sizes. There is one computer for each seat.

Computer Lab

Computing Lab Locations

JMHH F75 Undergraduate Lab 60 seats
JMHH F80 Undergraduate Lab 29 seats
JMHH 375 Graduate Lab 80 seats
JMHH 380 Graduate Lab 80 seats

Computing Lab Features

Aside from the workstations, the labs have:

  • Teaching Station with integrated computer display and audiovisual control interface
  • Resident Computer for the teaching station
  • Laptop connection with internet connectivity
  • Wireless lavalier microphone
  • Single Projector

For more about Computing Labs, visit Public Computers.




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Group Study Rooms

57 group study rooms located on the first four floors of Huntsman Hall that serve as mini-labs where students can do research, work on group projects and create presentations 24 hours a day. Each seats approximately six people around an oblong table and offers a full complement of technology, including capabilities for audio conferencing, connectivity between group work stations, smart whiteboards, and Internet access. Any full-time Wharton student can make the reservation for the group using SPIKE. There are also group study rooms available in the Van Pelt Library for anyone with a PennKey -- click here to learn more.

Group Study Rooms

Wharton Group Study Room Features

  • Large LCD monitor
  • Resident computer
  • Two laptop connections
  • Webcam for desktop conferencing
  • Smart white board
  • Software for connecting devices wirelessly to LCD screen

Helpful Group Study Room Resources

Bookmark the following articles to help you take advantage of the group study room features!

For more about Group Study Rooms, visit Group Study Rooms (GSR).




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Workstations and Email Bars


Study carrels for small groups, these workstations are located throughout Jon M. Huntsman Hall and the Library:

  • Forum Level: The common area and South hallway (the Locust Walk side of the building)
  • Second Floor: The South hallway (the Locust Walk side of the building)
  • Third Floor: The South hallway (the Locust Walk side of the building)
  • Lippincott Library

Email Bars

Desktops designed for quick email or searches. These are located throughout JMHH and on the ground floor of SHDH.

Email Bars

For more about Work Stations and Email Bars, visit Public Computers.




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Bloomberg and Skype/Google Hangout Stations

Bloomberg Terminals

Bloomberg terminals are located in the Forum Level of JMHH across from the entrance to F75 Computer Labs, and in Lippincott Library. These terminals are dedicated to Bloomberg research and do not have the same software as typical Wharton lab computers.

Skype/Google Hangout Stations

All of Wharton's public computers have SKYPE installed; however, designated stations are located at the top of the entrance ramp on the Ground floor of JMHH and have computers with SKYPE, Google Hangout and webcams installed. Just remember to bring your own headphones!

Skype Google Hangout Stations

For more about SKYPE/Google Hangout stations visit Video Conferencing with SKYPE/Google Hangout. For more about Bloomberg Stations visit Bloomberg Stations.




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Printers, Copiers, and Scanners

Print from a networked computer or your laptop. High-volume, high-speed printers are also available for printing course packs and other large documents, and are located throughout campus.


Types of Printers

There are different types of printers throughout the Wharton complex, each with different features and functionality

  • Multifunction Printers (Copy/Print/Scan)
    • Black & White or Color
    • Print documents
    • Make copies
    • Scan to email
  • Xerox Printers
    • Black & White
    • Best for printing course packs

Printer Locations

  Black & White
Black & White Multifunction (Copy/Print/Scan) Color and Black & White Multifunction

JMHH Forum

Printer Row: F76-A, B, D, E, H, I,
Labs: F75-A; F80-A
Forum, F76-J, F76-K Printer Row: F76-F, G

JMHH 2nd Level

  Hallway: 279-B Hallway: 279-C

JMHH 3rd Level

Labs: 375-A, 380-A

Hallway: 379-B

Hallway: 379-C


Ground Floor: 107  

Joe's Cafe: "Joe"

Ground Floor: 107



Lippincott Library

    2nd Floor

Cost of Printing

  Black & White


$0.07 $0.28

Double-sided Sheet
(2 pages)

$0.10 $0.56


free free

Default Setting

Double-sided Single-sided


Note: For specialty printing, such as bound course packs, bulk printing, large format, or specialty papers, you can visit Wharton Printing located in 400 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall (on the ground floor near Joe's Cafe).

For more about printing at Wharton, visit Printing at Wharton: Options, Locations, and Cost.




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Penn Library Facilities

The David B. Weigle Information Commons includes a variety of collaboration spaces including Group Study Rooms, Data Diner Booths, Alcove Meeting Areas, Seminar Room and the Vitale Digital Media Lab. For more information check out the website: http://wic.library.upenn.edu/

Digital Media Lab

Penn Library - Weigle Information Commons Facilities

Weigle Information Commons (WIC) has the following facilities options for students (For pictures and more detailed information view the WIC website):

  • Diner Booths
  • Group Study Rooms
  • Presentation Room
  • Alcolves
  • WIC Seminar Room
  • Digital Media Lab
  • Video Recording Rooms
  • Consulting Room

For more about Penn Library facilities, visit Penn Library Computing Resources.




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Penn Library Software and Equipment

Penn Library - Weigle Information Commons Software

WIC PC desktops and laptops have recently been imaged with the software listed below which is only a sample of the software offerings (For a complete list visit the WIC website):

  • Adobe Creative Suite Version 5
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 SP1
  • Open Office 3.3
  • Various Media Players
  • Math and Statistics Software (such as JMP 9 and SPSS 19)

The Macintosh desktops and laptops in the Vitale Digital Media Lab and WIC Seminar Room contain additional software:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • iWork 09
  • iLife 11
  • Final Cut Studio 2 (Not available in WIC Seminar Room)
  • Final Cut X
  • Microsoft Office 2011

Penn Library - Equipment Lending Program

You can reserve videocameras, cameras, projection supplies, audio equipment, and certain technical accessories (such as a tripod or livescribe pulse pen) from the Vitale Digital Media Lab located in Weigle Information Commons, Van Pelt Library, 1st floor West.

For a complete list of items available in the lending program and to use the library's equipment reservation system, visit the Equipment Lending Program website.

For more about Penn Library facilities, visit Penn Library Computing Resources.




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