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This section contains some common problems and solutions. If the solution to the problem is not found below or the issue remains unresolved, please submit a ticket to the Student Support team.


Please choose the method which is best for you:


General troubleshooting and tips

Login Failed Error

There are several reasons that you might get a "Login Failed" error when you swipe your PennCard at the printer.

  • HighTraffic Times: If many people are printing at the same time, the system may experience a delay. Wait 15 minutes, and try again. 
  • PennCash Account: You haven't activated your PennCash account or there is an error with your account.  
    • You must have a PennCash account set up in order to use the printers, even if you don't have any money in it. If this is the problem, try going to the PennCash website and setting up an account. There are machines on campus where you can add funds to your PennCash -- one of these is at the Lippincott Library.
  • PennId / PennCard: Your PennId has changed or deactivated, or your card has been damaged.  Go to the Penn Card Center in the Franklin Building to have your ID card checked.
  • Print Account: You do not have a print account created.  Submit a ticket to Student Support on the Computing Tab in SPIKE to report this error.
  • Not Logged Out: If you just printed from a different printer, and forgot to log out of that printer, you may get a "Login Failed" error.  Try logging out of the other printer, or wait a few minutes and try again.


Locked on Terminal Error

If you just printed from a different printer, and forgot to log out of that printer, you may get a "Locked on Terminal" error.  Try logging out of the other printer, or wait a few minutes and try again.


Partial Print Jobs

If your print job is large or complex, the printers' memory may be taxed and you may get the following error part way through the print job:

This job requires more memory than is available in this printer.
Try one or more of the following….[and then a list of options]

Here are some steps to try to fix the issue:

  • If you are trying to print multiple pages per sheet, try reducing that amount (eg. instead of 4 pages or slides per sheet, choose 2).
  • If you are printing a .pdf file from Adobe Reader, try opening the file from Chrome browser instead, and sending it to print.
  • If you are printing many documents at a time and choosing "Print All", try printing the documents individually instead.


No Printers Available on Wharton Public Computers

Sometimes students do not see any printers in the Print Dialog box when printing from the Lab, Workstation, or GSR computers.  To fix this problem, try the following steps:

  1. Click the Refresh Printers icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop.
  2. If Step 1 doesn't fix the issue, try closing the application and reopening it.


Internal Billing Error

There are several possible issues that could cause this error:

  1. Insufficient funds: if you try to release a print job when you don’t have enough funds to cover it, you may receive this error. Check your balance on SPIKE or in PennCash. If appropriate, add more funds to PennCash.
  2.  Printer disconnected from the network: Check that the ethernet cable is connected to the printer.
  3. System-wide issue: If the billing system run by Penn is unavailable, you may get this error and not be able to print. Contact Wharton Student Support to report the issue and request a printout of your document.


Documents are not available at printer

If you have sent a document to one of the Huntsman Printers, swiped your card, and the document queue is empty, here are some things to try:

  • Sent from Laptop: make sure you entered your Wharton username in the Wharton ID field. (If you do not get a login box, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the print drivers for your laptop.  See Configuring Your Macintosh   or Configuring Your Windows Laptop )

  • Sent from Email:
    • Make sure you received the confirming email that your job is ready to print.
    • Confirm that you retrieved it from a printer that accepts documents through email. (Printers in 2401 Walnut do not currently accept documents sent via email.)
  • Doublecheck that you are retrieving it from the same kind of printer you sent it to (e.g Black and White, or Color)

  • If it's a .pdf, save the file to your MyWhartonDrive (Y:).  Then open the copy on your (Y:) drive and print that copy.
    Use Adobe Reader to open the .pdf document, and print to the printer from that. 

If the document is available at the printer but does not print out, see Document Does Not Print

If none of these solve the problem, please contact the Student Support Team.


Documents are not printing

Here are solutions for the most common Printing problems we see. If yours is not listed here, please contact us with information on how you sent the document to the printer, and what happened.

Document Visible at Printer, but Doesn't Print

  1. If you used Print All, try resending and only print one at a time (problems with one document can affect all documents when using Print All).
  2. Doublecheck the document formatting to make sure that you have selected the right size paper (letter sized).
  3. Confirm that you are printing from the same kind of printer (Black and White, or Color) that you sent it to.
  4. Try sending it to a different printer
  5. Try using Email to Print.
  6. If the problem continues, report this to the Student Support Team (support@wharton.upenn.edu). To request a refund, see Print Charge Error.

Job Sent to Print, but is not at the Printer

  1. Doublecheck that you authenticated your job correctly
    • Public Computers: Logged in with your student login?
    • Laptop: Did you get the prompt for your username after selecting "Print"?
    • Email to Print: Did you get the email saying your job is ready to print?
  2. See additional steps in Documents Not Available at Printer


Error in printer charge

If your document did not print or there was a problem with the printout but you were charged anyway, please contact the Student Support Office with the following information:

  1. Name of the file
  2. Number of pages
  3. Date, and time of print job in question
  4. Printer

Requests for refunds should be made within 2 business days of the error.  Please be sure to include your reason for requesting a refund.


PennCard does not swipe

If you swipe your Penn Card at the printer's Card Reader and you get the error "Unable to read card", your PennCard may need to be replaced.  Normal wear and tear can damage the magnetic strip the printer's card reader uses to print your document.  To replace your PennCard, go to the PennCard Office:

150 Franklin Building

3451 Walnut Street


Be sure to mention that you are having trouble using your card with the  Wharton printers.


Paper and toner problems

Printer Out of Paper

If a printer is out of paper, please let us know by sending an e-mail  to labs@wharton.upenn.edu or notifying the Student Support team. For Lippincott Library printers, contact the Lippincott Information Desk to have the paper refilled.

Paper Size MisMatch Error

Users who are coming from different regions may have different defaults set for printing, such as A4 paper size. In other situations, the PDF file being printed may have been formatted for a different size of paper. 

  1. Try printing it again, and specify Letter or 8 1/2 x 11 size paper in the Print Dialog box.
  2. Contact the Student Support team for help.

Paper Jam

Sometimes the printer will jam.  If your document doesn't print out correctly, you can try sending it to print again, and choose another printer.  If there is still a problem with the printout, contact the Student Support team for help and to request a refund.

Toner Low or Out

If there is low toner or you see a toner error message on the printer, you will have to choose another printer.  Contact the Student Support team for help or to report toner issues. For Lippincott Library printers, contact the Lippincott Information Desk to have the toner replaced.


Laptop printing error messages


Pharos Popup:  If you get Pharos popups appearing on your screen, it likely means that you had an old version of the printing software installed, which wasn't removed properly.  To fix this:

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items
  2. Select the item listed for Popup and delete it.
  3. Restart your computer. (It's a good idea to try a test print at this point)
  4. Reinstall the Printer drivers for your Mac Configuring Your Macintosh Laptop to Access Wharton Printers


Pharos Popup Client:  Cannot Start User Interface .

On Windows 8 machines, you may get an error when you try to print to our printers from some of the "Metro Apps".  This can include the Adobe Reader version that comes with Windows 8. 


To fix this, make sure you install an updated version of the software you are using to print (for instance, if you are printing a .pdf, update your Adobe Reader software from Adobe's site), and then print from that application. Here are some operating systems that may be affected by this issue:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Surface Pro

Note: Surface RT will not work with laptop printing software. Use Email Printing to print from these devices.

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