Adding SPIKE Events to your Calendar



SPIKE events are available as feeds which you can sync to your laptop and mobile calendars. There are two ways to sync your calendars:

  1. Subscribe to the calendar from your Google@wharton account, which will automatically sync with your device if you have configured email and calendar, or
  2. Add the calendar directly to your device.

Which Method Should I Use?

Google Calendar Subscription (Recommended): Using the subscription method, feeds get added manually through a browser. When you log in to your Google@Wharton Account on Google devices (Android), and Google Suite (Google Calendar), the feeds will appear as separate calendars.

Add Calendar To Each Device: If you decide to add your Google Account to the calendar applications on iOS and Mac, be aware that all feeds will appear under one calendar (Google). Use this option if you only want your calendar on one or two devices, not on all of them.


Subscribing to Wharton Event Feeds Using Google Calendar Subscription

A few points to know about calendar subscriptions:

  • They automatically update when the event information changes
  • You can NOT edit them

Use these directions to add courses to your Wharton Google calendar using a browser.

  1. On your laptop, log into SPIKE.
  2. Click on the Calendar tab, and choose Calendar Feeds.
  3. Choose the kind of feed you would like to add. You can choose to add your Courses, or Events. Within the Events option, you can narrow your choices to just those feeds you wish to see in your calendar.
  4. Copy the subscription URL in the gray box.

    Course Calendar

  5. Open another tab, log into Gmail and click on the calendars icon.
  6. Click the arrow next to Other Calendars on the left-hand side of your screen and choose Add by URL. Gmail Add Calendar
  7. Paste in the URL that you copied from the Calendar Subscription URL and click Add Calendar.
  8. After a few minutes, the subscribed calendar should appear in your Wharton Google calendar. They should also appear on any devices you have configured to display your Wharton calendar. If they don't, try the following:
    • iOS: open your calendar application and press Calendars at the bottom.
    • Android: open your calendar application and select Calendars from the menu in the upper right corner.
  9. You should see a list of all of your calendars and under Subscribed you should make sure Course Schedule is checked off to be visible.

Adding Wharton Events Calendar Feeds on your iOS device.

If you just want to add the Wharton Events feed to your device, and not to your Wharton Calendar across all devices, use these directions.

    1. Log in to SPIKE and click on the Calendar tab.
    2. Click on "Calendar Feeds" and then choose "Event Feeds".
    3. Select whatever Events tag you would like to subscribe to. For example, if you want to know about all MBA events then select the MBA tag or if you want to know about all Undergraduate events select the UGR tag. You can subscribe to multiple event feeds by following these directions again for each events tag.
    4. Click Open Calendar in a Desktop Application button:

    5. Click Subscribe on the popup.

    6. A confirmation will appear, and you will have subscribed the calendar to your device. NOTE: You will have to repeat this process for each iOS device you would like to sync.

Adding Wharton Events Calendar Feeds on your Android device.

Android devices are not able to add calendar feeds individually. Follow the directions above for subscribing to Wharton Event Feeds using Google Calendar (browser version).




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