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AirPennNet Configuration for All Devices


The following article provides detailed instructions on how to access AirPennNet on your networked devices.


Configuring Laptop Computers

To access AirPennNet on your personal laptop, follow the instructions on AirPennNet Wireless Setup.


Configuring iPhones and iPads

Apple iPhone and iPad users can configure their phone to access AirPennNet using the directions from Penn's computing website.

For more information on AirPennNet, please visit the Penn Computing website. If you have any further questions, email support@wharton.upenn.edu.


Configuring Android Devices

Android devices, including the Kindle Fire, require several extra steps in order to connect to AirPennNet.  If you have any trouble after following these steps, please contact the Student Support Team.

NOTE: XpressConnect has experienced issues connecting to AirPennNet whenever the app/software updates. We recommend the manual configuration as it has caused minimal issues. Look at Android for Google@Wharton.

  1. Make sure Data is OFF on your device.  This will allow the setup to run properly

  2. Connect to AirPennNet-Help. From the Settings menu, choose Wireless & Network Settings => Wifi Settings and choose AirPennNet Help.
  3. Download the xPressConnect App.  Launch a new session of your mobile browser, and follow the link on the AirPennNet Help Wizard to load XpressConnect manually.  Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install it.

    (If you have trouble downloading the app, try turning data back on to download the app, and then turn data off again.)

  4. Run Xpress Connect. Select run Xpress Connect Application (do not choose “run browser”), and choose Walk me through Android installation.
  5. Enter Credentials.  When prompted, enter your Pennkey credentials.  The browser will automatically connect if Pennkey credentials are correct.

    Credential Storage Error If you have not set a credential storage password for your device, AirPennNet will not work.  To set a password, follow these steps:
    1. From the Home screen, choose Settings => Location & Security

    2. Scroll down and choose Clear Storage (Be sure you know any passwords you may have stored previously).
    3. Choose Set Password, and set a new credential storage password.  This is device-specific and is not related to any Wharton credentials.  Now you should be able to connect to AirPennNet



Configuring Windows 7/8 Phones

The Windows Phones do not currently connect to AirPennNet; the configuration and protocols required by the Microsoft OS on this phone are not supported by the AirPennNet software.  However, Penn's Guest network -- AirPennNet Guest -- can be used to access the Internet. 

The AirPennNet Guest authentication will expire after 7 days. After that, you will need to enter your credentials again to extend the service for another 7 days.

  1. From the home screen, touch the Right Arrow and then select “Settings” at the bottom of the list.

  2. Tap  Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi networking ON
  3. Select AirPennNet-Guest
  4. Tap the Home button and open Internet Explorer
  5. When the AirPennNet-Guest web login page loads, enter your Penn Key and Password to gain access to the network
  6. Repeat weekly when prompted to renew your access

For current updates on AirPennNet and Windows Phones, see http://www.upenn.edu/computing/provider/handheld/#Windows_Phone_7

For Microsoft's directions on setting up wifi, see http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/how-to/wp8/connectivity/connect-to-a-wi-fi-network


Configuring Blackberry

All Blackberries can connect to the AirPennNet-Guest network.   However, only the BlackBerry 10 supports AirPennNet.

>> Directions for Configuring Blackberry 10 for AirPennNet

If you decide to connect your Blackberry to the Guest network, you'll need to re-register your connection each week. 

For more information, see the compatibility list on the University's Computing Website at: http://www.upenn.edu/computing/provider/pda/pda-intro.html 


Configuring E-readers, appliances and gaming consoles

Some devices, like Kindles, printers, and Xboxes require a different method of connecting to AirPennNet. These devices will have to be registered in order to use the internet.

  1. Navigate to the Device Portal and login with your Pennkey
  2. Find and enter the MAC address of the device
  3. Enter a description of your device and click "Register device"
  4. Attempt to connect to AirPennNet-Device from your device and, when prompted, enter the Password provided via the Device Portal

To see the list of devices that may require AirPennNet-Device, see https://www.isc.upenn.edu/how-to/connectivity-options-penns-residences




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