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Managing Your Calendars


There are a number of separate calendars that you'll need to keep track of while you're a student. There is no single way to sync all the calendars at once to your devices. Instead, you'll need to pick the calendars you want to sync, and then follow the directions for your device.

Wharton Google Calendar

Set up your Wharton Gmail calendar to sync with any of the calendars below that you like. This calendar is useful for working with any fellow students who maintain their calendars. If it's synced, they will know when you are free to meet.

iOS Google@Wharton

Android Google@Wharton

Email Client Google@Wharton

SPIKE Course Feed Calendar

This calendar contains all your Wharton courses, and it's personalized to your schedule. You can subscribe to sections of the calendar or subscribe to the whole thing.

Course Calendar

SPIKE Event Calendar

This calendar contains all the Wharton events that are going on, from class events to recruiting seminars. You can subscribe to sections of the calendar or subscribe to the whole thing.

Events Calendar

Canvas Calendar

This calendar contains any assignment and exam information that your professor has added to the course's Canvas calendar. Many students find this the most useful calendar, but not every course has a Canvas site, and not every professor uses the Canvas calendar in the same way.

Canvas Calendar

Career Path Calendar

This calendar contains recruiting sessions that the Career Management Office has added to the Career Path calendar.

CareerPath Calendar

Personal Calendar (personal Gmail, Yahoo, or other calendar)

This calendar is useful for managing your personal life. If it's synced, you'll be able to keep track of personal and family schedules and work around them for your school life.

Personal Calendar



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