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Alumni Forwarding Email


Full-time MBA and Undergraduate students receive an Alumni forwarding email address when their Wharton student account is created. This is a forwarding address that does not expire, even after you graduate from Wharton. It's also separate from your Penn Alumni address. (For information on your Penn Alumni address, see the Penn Alumni Home Page.)

    • The Alumni forwarding address is not an "Account" -- it is a forwarding address only. You cannot log into it as you would with a regular email account. After you graduate you must choose a new destination account (e.g.: youraccount@gmail.com).
    • The Alumni Address is linked to your Wharton student email while you are a student. If you forward your student email to another account such as Gmail, the Alumni address will forward there as well.
    • After you graduate, you should begin using your Alumni forwarding address exclusively. Many students begin using it long before they graduate to ease the transition at graduation.
    • Use your Alumni Address for Contacts We recommend using your Alumni forwarding address on any contact information you distribute to people who may need to reach you after you graduate.

Alumni Address Format

Alumni forwarding addresses include your First and Last name and must include your graduation year. Here are some sample formats:

    • MBA Students: Josephina.Wharton.WG16@wharton.upenn.edu
    • Undergraduate Students: Joseph.Wharton.WH16@wharton.upenn.edu

Changes to your Alumni forwarding address are permitted under certain circumstances as long as the basic format -- first_name.last_name.grad_year@wharton.upenn.edu -- is maintained.

Find your Alumni Forwarding Address

If you are not sure what your Alumni forwarding address is, you can look it up:

    • Current Wharton Students: Go to SPIKE --> Wharton Community and look your name up in My Profile. Your Alumni forwarding address will be listed there.
    • Alumni: To find out what your Alumni forwarding address is, look your name up in the Alumni Directory on http://www.wharton.upenn.edu/alumni. Your Alumni email address will be listed there.
    • Ph.D students should request their Alumni forwarding address through the IT Support Representative for their department, or by signing up on the Wharton Alumni webpage at:http://www.whartonconnect.com.

Alumni Address Forwarding

Depending on where you are in the process of studying, directions for forwarding will vary.

Current Students

Alumni forwarding addresses for current and recently graduated Wharton students automatically point to your Wharton student email account (username@wharton.upenn.edu) while the account is still active. This cannot be changed.

If you forward your Wharton student email to another address, your Alumni forwarding address will also forward to that address.

To Change the destination of your Alumni Forwarding/Wharton student email address:

Recent Alumni: (Student Account still Active)

Your Wharton Student Account does not immediately close when you graduate. See Graduating Students: Account Transition Information for complete information and timelines. To change your Alumni Address forwarding:

  • before your Wharton Student account closes, use SPIKE (My Account) .
  • after your Wharton Student account closes, use Wharton Connect (Alumni Website).

Alumni: (Student Account Closed)

Once you graduate and your Wharton student account is closed, use the Alumni Website to change the forwarding for your Alumni forwarding address:

    1. Open the Wharton Alumni web page at http://www.whartonconnect.com
    2. Log in with your WhartonConnect ID and Password, then select My Profile on the left side of the screen.
    3. Click Edit beside Contact Info
    4. Enter your new forwarding address, and select the Change Forwarding option.

If you are not a registered member, you will need to register on WhartonConnect before you are able to change your forwarding address. You can do this by clicking the Sign Up option on the main WhartonConnect page.

Requesting Changes

You may request appropriate changes by contacting the Student Support Team. Please include the way your Alumni address is currently displayed, and the way it should look.

The naming convention for Alumni addresses includes your school (WG for Wharton Graduate, and WH for Wharton Undergraduate) and your graduating year. (Your Alumni email address must contain your Division and Year of Graduation; it cannot be removed under any circumstances.)

If your year of graduation changes, your Alumni address can be updated by contacting the Student Support Team. Please include both the way your Alumni address is currently displayed and the way it should look.

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