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Mailing Lists: Overview


Wharton runs a mailing list system that provides mailing lists for courses, clubs and organizations related to students' academic and extracurricular pursuits. Mailing lists can be open to anyone, or restricted to just the organization. Lists can be set up so that only certain people can send to that list.

Using Wharton's mailing list interface, Listerve, you can:

The interface is integrated into the My Account section of SPIKE.



Use the following articles to help you understand more about how to use the mailing list service.

Individual Subscriptions

Course Mailing Lists (class@lists.upenn.edu)

Posting a Link to your List on your Website


Cohort and Class lists

Cohort Lists: Sending Email

Cohort lists : Troubleshooting

Class Lists: Sending Email to your Wharton Class

Mailing List Owners

Roles: Owners, Editors, Moderators

Moderated Mailing Lists

Mailing List Interface: ListServ

Renaming a Mailing List

Managing Mailing Lists: Resources for List Owners


Alumni: Mailing Lists Information

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